It's On! Whale Watching Season in Plettenberg Bay.

Whale Watching in Plettenberg Bay
July to November in Plettenberg Bay is prime whale watching season, as southern right whales migrate northwards, from colder waters close to Antarctica, to South Africa's east coast to mate, calve and rear their young.
Plettenberg Bay, just 20 minutes drive from Hog Hollow Country Lodge, makes an ideal base from which to observe these magnificent creatures.
The relatively calmer waters of the bay, buttressed at its western end by the Robberg Peninsula against the prevailing winter ocean and weather conditions, provide ideal conditions for the whales to attend to family matters in comfort. It is not uncommon to observe cow and calf pairs close to shore, but, to view the spectacular breaching, boat based whale watching is a must.
Approaching whales at a distance closer than 300 metres is only legal for permitted whale, dolphin and seal watching operators, of which there are two in Plettenberg Bay, Ocean Safaris and Ocean Blue Adventures.
Permitted operators are allowed to approach to a distance of only 50 metres.
Should the naturally inquisitive whales approach the boat, permitted operators don't have to move away, which raises the possibility of an unsurpassed close encounter for tourists.


Askop Road
The Crags
Plettenberg Bay

33°58’23.02”S  23°28’23.13”E


Mon - Fri, 8 AM - 4 PM


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